Warranty and Security


At Livia & Co. we make reliability a matter of principle, to which we pay great attention. Our jewels are always accompanied by a guarantee of authenticity certifying each gem’s naturalness, the type and weight of any metal used, the weight, cut, color, and transparency of the gems, alongside other characteristics. In practice, it serves as each unique piece of jewelry’s identification . This guarantees the customer’s purchase, facilitating independent insurance of each piece.

The diamonds we use are always natural and high quality, of a wonderful white color which is guaranteed F- or G-grade. They are accompanied by a certification of origin. They come from legitimate sources not involved in the financing of wars and conflicts, in full agreement with the resolutions of the United Nations, and are therefore to be considered “conflict free” on the basis of our knowledge and/or written guarantee provided by our sources of supply. For the same reasons, the material mentioned above is to be considered natural (not synthetic), not subjected to HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) treatments, or any other type of manipulation aimed at improving color and purity characteristics.

All our metals are guaranteed to be nickel-free.
The processing of our jewels takes place exclusively in Italy, in specialized laboratories and with a high level of manufacturing.


We pay a lot of attention to the security of our jewels during delivery, both by utilizing anti-counterfeiting systems and by employing reliable and punctual couriers, most of the times specializing in the transport of valuables.

Our products are equipped with guarantee seals and packaged in boxes with anti-counterfeiting holographic adhesive labels, both accompanied by serial numbers that also guarantee traceability, so you can be more than sure that the packages have not been opened during the trip and that the jewelry has not been replaced or tampered with.

The security seal can be cut when you have decided to keep the jewel you received.