Are you looking for a perfect gift
for someone you love?



We strive to satisfy your most particular needs by designing and creating tailor made jewelry according to your wishes, using the stones of your choice.

Using her unmistakable style, our designer will create a unique and inimitable object for your exclusive pleasure.


Our services include the sale of our loose gems or a search, on your behalf, for particular and specific gems according to your needs. We seek to adhere as much as possible to your requests both as regards the type of mineral, the color, the shape, and the cut, utilizing our workshops to adjust shape and size according to your wishes.

This research can go beyond a simple preference for a type of stone, and be deepened through the identification of a set of “personal” gems which have particular and appropriate vibrational characteristics leading to best influence on your person. Should you prefer your jewelry customized, Livia and Co will require select personal details to ensure the best possible result for you or your special someone. All your individual data will be treated with the utmost care in respect to your privacy. For further details, please contact us via e-mail at


We can complete your jewelry with personalized engravings. For example, it is possible to engrave words onto the inside of a ring, helping you remember a person you love or a date important to you, imbuing your product with even more personal meaning.


We can customize the gift box you have selected for the person you love. You can choose the color you prefer among those we offer, all of which complement our institutional green, and add a card with a personalized message for the recipient of your wonderful gift.

The jewel case will always be lined in green velvet, but you can customize the accessories box from a range of colors: lilac, apricot, periwinkle, and aquamarine.


We will also take care to adapt the ring you are interested in to fit your fingers perfectly (click HERE to download our ring size guide).