Livia & Co. was born from a crystalline tradition and from the love for gems and beauty that has always distinguished us.

We believe eternity and light are concentrated and expressed in crystals. The energy emitted by them is the real strength wearing a jewel exudes, attracting the attention and curiosity of the beholder.

For Livia & Co., multidimensionality is not just a concept or style; it’s about developing creative new ways of feeling, tasting, and living. Jewels of multiple shapes are born from this inspiration, with gems of surprising colors and unusual cuts, yet always characterized by an original, elegant and unmistakable design.

The range of our creations is heterogeneous in its artistic forms, and reflects the expression of many souls who live together in One. We design contemporary jewelry, but we also take inspiration from the past. Our logo, for instance, evokes two ancient Egyptian symbols: Shen and Ra, who represent the eternal flow of time and the Sun.


Our work is based on quality and uniqueness, because we love to guarantee our customers special jewelry created with great attention. We select our gems with commitment and professionalism, controlling all the stages of the artisan manufacturing process that take place exclusively in Italy. This can sometimes increase our production times by a few days, but it’s definitely worth it.

Each of our gems, especially the most precious ones, are by their very nature different from any other.For this reason, each of our jewels can be considered truly unique and exclusive. We guarantee the quality and characteristics of each jewel through a gemological certification that attests to their naturalness and variety.

Livia & Co. loves to evoke the emotion born in the heart of their creations, and to offer the pleasure of a unique experience through their work.

onda lunga citrine ring

“Working with stones gives me great joy because they release incredible energy and strength: Beauty in the purest state of light and color.”


Livia & Co. collaborates with exceptional designers, of great inspiration and professionalism.

What unites the creations we offer are above all elegance and originality. Another aspect that absolutely must not be missing is the enhancement of the gems, which must be the real protagonists of the jewel, thus being able to fully express their wonderful qualities.